Lionel Messi: The world-famous alien

When the name of the person is “Lionel Messi”, then the equivalent of “Vinnie”, “Superman”, magician, etc. can be favored by the name of “Lionel Messi” on the “Earth-based Alien”. This 31-year-old Argentine legend is called football magician. Someone calls him “Vinnie footballer” because it is almost impossible for any human in the world to become so talented. Lionel Messi is the one. If you want to write about it, then you should have lots of words in your vocabulary! Because maybe your vocabulary will not be enough to write its achievement and praise, it will be tense !!


Messi was born in the city of Rosario in Argentina. The legendary Argentine revolutionary “Che Guevara” was born in the same city. Rozario is very lucky! Messi is born on June 24, 1987 in Italiano, Rosario, on June 24, 1987. Barbara Horo Horoscope Messi. Although the house is in Italy, when one of his ancestors moved to Argentina Messi also came to Argentina

Messi had a unique talent since his childhood. He was much more talented than his contemporaries. He was the first coach of the club, his father, Horacio Messi, at the age of 8, at the Newell’s Old Boys Club. They are known as “Messines of 87” It was because Messi lost just one match in the last four years after joining. Messi plays here from 1999-2000. Lionel Messi was suffering from a major setback. The doctors said that due to problems in the growth hormone, Messi would not be more than four feet tall. But Messi’s father was no longer a letting go. He wanted to develop the genius he had seen in his son. Messi has run away from the club at the local club River Plate. Seeing Macy’s extraordinary skill, they want to take Messi. He was not able to afford the huge money needed for his treatment. At the time, with the help of Messi, the then sports manager of Barcelona, ​​Carlos Rexas, fascinated Macy’s talent, and expressed interest in Messi under Barcelona and accepted and accepted his treatment. Rexas could not immediately sign a contract to sign an N. Peparei signed pakina! Messi’s fate opens up, and Barcelona’s fate changes with them

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